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Joseph Helfrich

The Grands Chais de France Group is a family concern founded in 1979 by the C.E.O. Joseph Helfrich . 

The group’s head office and main production site are in Petersbach, at the heart of the Vosges du Nord national park in Alsace, a perfect geographic location in the centre of Europe.


The strengths of the GCF Group

  • Some production at the leading edge of technology

  • Advanced logistics

  • The GCF Group's commitment of quality

  • A policy for a durable and responsible development


An expertise in the heart of the region with the GCF Group companies are present in the major French wine regions like in Alsace with Arthur Metz, Lacheteau in the Loire, GCF in Landiras in the Bordeaux region, Pasquier Desvignes in the Beaujolais, the Maison du Vigneron in the Jura and Domaine de la Baume in Languedoc Roussillon.

The passion for wine, our obsession for quality and an expertise that is recognized by our customers and partners all around the world, makes the GCF Group a major player in the business of wine and spirits in France and abroad.


Come discover the passion that drives us!


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